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Member's Deck Is Back

19 Aug 19 17 leave a comment

Hiiii! Guess what? As promised, Create A Deck is back and I've added it to the Game/Interactives section. There are 2 deck themes for your to contribute. You can find the details on the page.

Site Updates

New Members: Fina, Xtina & Naava ! - Welcome! Hope you'll have fun playing and trading! You can find your member card in your Member Area.
New Affiliates: Card Hoarder

Congratulations to these members that have levelled up & mastered some decks.
Level Up: Bunny, Makri & Crissy (Level 2), Marina, Lyn, Zephie, Karen & Whitney (Level 3)
Masteries: Marina (newgirl-jessnick, tbbt-sheldonleonard, itcrowd-mossroy), Mary (tvd-elenadamon), Lyn (sherlock-sherlockjohn, deck buffy-buffyangel), Zephie (drwho-amyrory, bones-angelajack), Karen (supernatural-samdean, prideprejudice-elizabethdarcy) & Bunny (drwho-roseninth)

Interactives: All games & Card shop updated

Other Updates

I've reorganised a few pages like the Members page and if you click the username, you'll be directed to their tradepost. And I've added a Back To Games links to all the games reward pages. Please drop me a message if I've missed anything. I've also added a few more Filler/Pending cards if you choose to general filler cards. And of course, don't forget to contribute to the Member's Deck.

Wishing Well

Thanks for wishing! Here are some of the granted wishes : (comment with what you took)
Bunny's dog ate a toy and needed surgery. Thankfully, it went well! So she wished for cards spelling out MAGNUS. (1 card/deck)
Karen wished everyone got twice as many picks on the next batch of new releases. (I've updated how many cards you can take per deck below.)

New Decks

You may take 10 cards (Max. 4 Cards/Deck). Please take one extra, if you've donated images for the deck.
You can also use the Latest Decks Randomizer instead.

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