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Master List Level 2

14 Oct 19 9 leave a comment

Hi everyone! I've uploaded a couple of new decks and The Master List Level 2 is now up! If you have completed Level 1, I hope you'll try to get to Level 2 :)

And... I've prepared some bingo cards! So, look out for our first round of Bingo game next update.

Oh and don't forget to use your special card if you took one from the Monthly games. Of course you can choose when you use it!

Site Updates

New Member: Angela & StephJ! - Welcome! Hope you'll have fun playing and trading! You can find your member card in your Member Area.

Congratulations to these members that have levelled up & received new achievement badges.
Level Up: Gaelle (Level 2), Nejana (Level 4), Christina (Level 5), Rainey & Karen (Level 6)


Games: Weekly, Biweekly (+ Neverending category)
Store: Card shop updated

Wishing Well

Thanks for wishing! Here are some of the granted wishes : (comment with what you took)
Gaelle wished everyone to take 5 choice cards from any of favorite tv shows. (2 cards/deck) please

New Decks

You may take 10 cards (Max. 2 Cards/Deck). Please take one extra, if you've donated images for the deck.
You can also use the Latest Decks Randomizer instead.

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